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Create a tailored web application for your business


Web Applications that grow and change with your business

Your business.
Many devices.

Have access to all your business data from anywhere.

  • Solutions

    By using the mydigitalstructure platform I am able to quickly make a clients requirements transition from idea to reality.

  • Projects

    Having dealt with a diverse range of Small Businesses I have created unique solutions to fit almost any set of requirements.

  • Support

    After your custom web application is built and deployed, it is best to have someone to contact, just in case.

  • Results

    Creating a web application and seeing it deployed and in use within a business is the most rewarding part of the process.


Creating custom web applications for business

Use web technologies in your business

Following quite a few years of being an IT Administrator in 2009 I decided to start 1up IT, a company which aims to help businesses function more effectively by using web based technologies. Since 2009, 1up IT has been designing, developing and deploying purpose built web applications tailored to help many businesses streamline their processes.

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Why Choose 1up IT

Design, Develop and Deploy at speed (and it's not as expensive as you may think)

By using mydigitalstructure I am able to leverage existing web based technologies to provide a completely custom application in a fraction of the time it would take to develop an equivalent app using a traditional method.

As I operate alone I can provide one point of contact, I will work and manage your entire web application project from user interface design to deployment within your workplace.

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Telerik AppBuilder

More clients asking for mobile app's to be built but also want the flexibility of web technologies, so seems that AppBuilder from Telerik is a great tool to achieve this.


All videos now up

Last video in the 4 part series has been complete, these cover off the main concepts of mydigitalstructure, check out the Videos Page


New Website Live

Finally found a break between client projects to launch the revised site, now can focus on animated video series.